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Is the flowering salvia the same thing as the salvia that people use as a drug?

My cousin brought to my attention today that salvia was used as a drug and i was curious about it so i tried doing some research and im still confused. I want to know if the salvia that i have in my landscaping is the same thing as the stuff they use as drugs. It has purple flowers on it so i dont know if thats a different kind of salvia that doesnt work the same?

Is the flowering salvia the same thing as the salvia that people use as a drug?
Salvia Divinorum is the plant you are looking for, there are hundreds of different strains of Salvia(sage) but on salvia Divinorum contains salvinorin A the checmicals that makes you hallucinate. It would be rare to find it at a local nursery. The best to but it is online, i normaly buy mine from as it seems to be the best quality and very reasonably priced
Reply:There are hundreds - 700 -900 species of Salvia, and tons of varieties, so it's highly unlikely that you're growing the drug one. Most are safe plants, decorative and great garden plants. I love the one that smells like blackcurrants, which has purplish flowers.

The hallucinogenic Salvia Divinorum has white flowers, so I assume that your purple flowered plant is not the same species.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob
Reply:Salvia covers a wide number of plants.Included in the family is the herb Sage.This has cooking as well as medicinal qualities.It is not the one used for drugs.You can get more answers on Google.
Reply: sells the most potent extract I've ever tried. They also have a ton of info on the subject. I also love Kratom, my other favorite herb; it's like opium, but legal. sells some trippy shiet!
Reply:Salvia is the family, it refers to various plants. Common mint is in the same family. salvia divinorum is the hallucinogen.

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